How to record iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak (Updated 2017)

There are some apps that let you screen record right from your iOS devices, but you need to jailbreak first or you have to pay for that particular App 

I have got two easy solutions to record iPhone screen, the first method allows you to screen record directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch—without having to jailbreak and the second method are you can record your screen with help of your Laptop 

Method 1 

AirShou App

This app is not available in the App Store. This will work with iOS9 and higher, and may still work in iOS7 and 8.

Step#1: Open on iPhone or iPad

Step#2: Download and install TuTu Helper

tap on Download now, then select InstallA popup should appear asking you to confirm installation, click that install button to proceed

Step#3: Trust the Developer, before opening the App you’ll need to trust it. 

Go to: Settings -> General –Device Management

Under ENTERPRISE APP, choose “App name.”

Taps “Trust” in pop up. Now, try running your app and it should work.

Step#4: Open the TuTu helper App,at the top of the app there should be a search bar. Tap on this and type ‘AirShou’ into it. Once you have typed it, tap on the ‘Search’ button on the keyboard.

Step#5: Download and install AirShou application, Before opening the App you’ll need to trust it.

Launch AirShou app.You will need to sign up for this. You can use your Facebook account to sign up instantly. select the Record option from the main menu, then name your recording and choose your preferred orientation.


Before recording, you will need to select your own device from the AirPlay list And make sure that Mirroring is toggled on for it.


To end the recording, either tap on the red banner or go back to Shou and select Stop. You’ll be automatically taken back to the Record screen. Hit the small icon up top to see your recordings.


Method 2

First, download and install the iOS 10 screen recorder – lightweight 5KPlayer on Mac or Windows



Step#1: Your iPhone and Windows/MAC should be connected  on the same network (Same WiFi Connection) and launch 5K player

Step#2: Hit the AirPlay icon  and choose your computer name (You should aware of your computer name ) as the AirPlay target, toggle switch the “Mirroring” option.


When iPhone and computer are successfully connected, everything on your iPhone screen will instantly replicate to the computer display.

Step#3:Find the red spot on your computer screen, and by the time you hit it, recording starts right away. To stop recording, hit the red spot again

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