How to turn off notification sound (ding) in Windows 10


To get rid of the annoying notification sounds in Windows 10 computer, you can use the following two methods to turn off notification sounds.

First Method: Disable sound in system sound settings 

  • Click start menu, then type sound in the search box .Click on the sound from the search result


  • In the sound dialog box,click on sound tab and then select notification option in program events


  • Next tap on the sound bar and select (None) from the drop-down list.Press OK to save settings


Second Method : Disable notifications in PC settings 

  • Click on start menu and hit on settings then system.Click on the Notifications and Actions


  • Select an app for which you want to turn off notifications
  • Turn off the option named “Play a sound when a notification arrives”

I think these two methods will take care of all the annoying sound problems


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